Being Holy Human

  • I Love to Hate

    4th Jun 2020 by

    I was going to call this post ‘Confessions of a Christian’, but it didn’t take a genius to realise that once I opened that particular can of worms there’s no telling where it would end. Would I have had to call it Part One? Part One of what? Of ten? Ten thousand? My confessional list… Read more

  • Two Years a Few Beers

    22nd May 2020 by

    Okay that’s a lie. It hasn’t actually been two years yet, but I wanted to write about alcohol and, apart from anything, it rhymes (all right assonance police wind your necks in). So although I may be a little presumptuous with the whole ‘two years’ thing (by nine weeks and six days if we’re being… Read more

  • On Being Holy Human

    9th May 2020 by

    There was a little girlWho had a little curlRight in the middle of her foreheadWhen she was good she was very, very goodBut when she was bad she was horrid ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–1882) Thank you very much Henry Wadsworth Longfellow for presenting us with this polarised dichotomy of behaviour and consigning untold generations… Read more

  • Who Told You That You Were Naked?

    3rd May 2020 by

    I was recently indulging in a spot of worrying about a ‘bad thing’ that was happening in my life. I do this a lot. You’d think that having a pretty contented existence, along with having….er…..many years of experience behind me, I’d know better, but apparently I don’t. But what was interesting about this particular little… Read more

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